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Meet Harmeet

Mental Wellbeing Coach, Author of two books and Poetess

I struggled to fit into the world and always tried to conform to what was expected of me. I shied away from putting myself first and failed to understand what I wanted at times. My dreams were so big I put them off because I didn’t know how to get there; I didn’t think it was possible to get past my fears and struggled with this for many years.

I have spent years evolving my mindset; through my journey I have beaten many fears; I battled for years in my mind and getting me to even consider shifting my mindset was a challenge in itself. The process of overcoming my fears, limiting beliefs, old narratives and shifting my mindset has helped me grow, step out of comfort zone and really challenge what was holding me back.


Three major things I achieved through the process is I became an author of two books, I have beaten my fear of flying (when I didn’t fly for 10 years due to my phobia) and also take a forward step to changing my career.


I am very passionate about mental health which is what led me to pursue coaching; I discovered that I enjoy helping people with their minds. This led me to become a qualified Mental Wellbeing Coach. I am here to serve fellow humans who want to enhance their life.

I am an expert by experience in my field of work and hold an accredited certification in holistic life coaching and am a qualified mind-body practitioner. I am a published author of two books and the face of the mental health campaign for NHS England.


I am passionate about supporting those who want to leap into a greater, more authentic version of themselves so that they can lead a more fulfilling life. You can learn more about me on Instagram @mindleapers.

Conquer your mind and you conquer the world

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

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